We follow the recommended maths programme of study from the Department of Education.

Big Maths


Every week children take part in a Big Maths CLIC challenge, where their calculation skills are tested. 

There are 20 different steps in the Big Maths CLIC challenges which children progress through incrementally. We use these to assess children's calculation skills and to inform our planning (looking at the questions children are having difficulty with). The challenges also provide regular weekly practise of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (as well as decimals, fractions and percentages in the later stages).


Each CLIC challenge contains ten questions which become progressively more difficult through the stages.
When children have been able to answer all ten questions correctly for three weeks consecutively they will move up to the next CLIC level.

For more information on Big Maths, click the icon below to be taken to the Big Maths website.


Examples of Big Maths weekly challenges.
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Listed below are our favourite Maths websites:


Tablet-friendly site with many games on all aspects of Maths. Click Resources then select a game.

BBC - Number Games
Six games, including a 100 square, snakes & ladders and darts.

 Primary Games

This site has an extensive collection of on-line maths games.
They are regularly updated so keep checking this space.

 Teaching Time

A collection of resources for teaching analogue and digital time.

 Teaching Money

Several games to help children learn about the value of the different coins we use.

 BBC - Numeracy

A selection of fun on-line numeracy games for all primary levels, from ages 4 -11.

 Times Tables

A fun site with links to lots of other interactive games to help with the learning of tables. 

 Unit the Robot

This is a good activity which enables children to improve their logic.
The robot has to be programmed in the right order to complete the activity successfully.

 Maths Year 2000

A selection of fun on-line games and activities, covering: shapes, tangrams and puzzles.
Also check out the Maths MagNet magazines on the left hand buttons. Some of these games take a few minutes to load.

 Three dart checkout

A popular game which helps children with their mental arithmetic.
Children have to predict in advance where to throw the darts to leave themselves with a double number.

 BBC - Revisewise KS2

Maths games for older primary children.

 Spin to Win

An estimating game which is a good tool for teaching the meaning of greater and lesser.

 Power Lines

An excellent activity for mental arithmetic.