We follow the recommended English programme of study from the Department of Education.

Click here for a link to the full programme.


Here you will find the line guides we use in class. 
We use the guides underneath plain paper to keep our writing the same size.



Listed below are our favourite English websites:



Spellingframe is an interactive resources to help children learn these spellings

Spelling frame

Write a Lune  
Choose a picture and write a Lune made up of three words, five words, then 3 words.


Fun with Spot 

This is a delightful Web site for pre-school and Primary 1 children.
The activities can take a few minutes to load but are worth the wait. 


Up to Ten
Activities and games for children to enjoy. 


BBC - Little Animals - Words
Cartoon woodland animals introduce activities such as spelling. 


BBC - Newsround
 Fun On-line news for children


BBC - Words and Pictures - Wordblender

Fun games to play with words. Make up your own words and solve puzzles. 


This is an American website but has lots of useful resources to help beginning readers. 


BBC - Literacy  
Lots of on-line activities and games to play covering different aspects of language.


BBC - Revisewise KS2 

Lots of revision activities covering reading, writing, spelling and grammar.
Younger children may need guidance with some of the activities. 


Learning Zone Story Starts

Having trouble writing stories? This Web site helps get children off to a flying start. 


Roald Dahl 

A fun site for all Roald Dahl fans with activities and information. 


Spelling with the Spellits

Have fun and improve you spelling with these fun games. 



If you keep forgetting where to put your commas and full-stops, this Web site could be for you. 


Stories from the Web

If you like books and stories then this site is for you.
You can read stories, write reviews and even write your own stories. 


Wordsmyth English Dictionary  

This is a superb site for encouraging dictionary work. 


Literacy Shed

This website contains many resources to help with the teaching of literacy.