Learning to play a string instrument

Creative Arts

Listed below are our favourite Arts websites:  





Introduction to Reading Music

Clefs, notes and rests become clear at this basic introduction to reading music. Learn to count beats and understand symbols for sharp and flat notes. Best used alongside learning how to play an instrument. 


BBC Radio 1 compose

Compose music using different sounds such as drums and keyboards.


Learn About Instruments

Learn about different types of instruments and instrument families. Children click on an instrument to find out more about it and to hear the sound it makes. 






A point and click colouring resource suitable for level A and B children learning about colour.


Silly Billy's World

Silly Billy teaches primary children how to draw using the computer.


A Lifetime of Color

A fun and informative site for all ages. As well as hands-on art activities with tips on technique and style, there's a useful study section on the principles of art. For teachers there are lesson plans


Inside Art: An Art History Game

Find out about the artist Van Gogh. Trish Fish, a colourful character, teaches children about this post-impressionist artist. 


The Art Detective

An original way to introduce pupils to a few of the great masters.
Be the 'Art Detective' and follow the 'Art Adventure' 
The likes of Raphael, Titian, Millet and Picasso will soon become familiar.