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Last update: 2016-11-15


The Haunted Mask (Nicole Emmett) 


I clicked on the basement light. Then I grabbed the iron banister and took a step down. The stair creaked beneath my foot. It sounded like a squeaking mouse. I took another step down, then another. The cold stairs chilled my feet. I pulled up my long nightshirt so I wouldn’t trip over it. In my sleep my, my long, brown had fallen over my face. I brushed it back over my shoulders. My hand trembled with fear. Stopping half way down, I asked myself a question.

“What am I doing?” Did I say the words out loud or did I think them.

Why was I creeping down into the basement in the middle of the night?

It wasn’t my idea.

I didn’t want to do it.

I was being pulled…pulled by the Haunted Mask.

...Carly Beth…Carly Beth…

As if the Haunted mask was calling me. The ugly mask that tried to ruin my life…tried to take over my brain…tried to turn me evil. Now, it was calling me. Forcing me down the stairs and across the basement floor.

…Carly Beth…Carly Beth…

I knew I Wasn’t dreaming. My fright was too real. I reached the bottom of the stairs and turned on the ceiling light. The light glowed off the red furniture. Our red couch, our red rug and our small, red coffee table. Suddenly, I stumbled forwards across the basement floor. My horse posters, my Brother Noah’s tricycle and our grandfather clock all passed by as a blur as I stumbled towards the storage room. The storage room I locked the Haunted Mask in all those months ago. I slowly turned the cold door knob. The door creaked open.

I fumbled around in the pile of old clothes, books and magazines for the box. The silver, metal box I locked the mask in. I found it. I reached in to my nightshirt pocket for the key. Pulling it out my pocket, my whole body trembled with fear. I grabbed he box, put the key in the lock and turned it. There was a small click as the box unlocked.

…Carly Beth…Carly Beth…

I reached in to the box and pulled out the mask. I held it high above my head like it were a trophy. Then I slowly pulled it down, down over my forehead.

“Noooo!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I pulled the mask off my head and flung it across the storage room. The mask let out a long deafening scream.