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Fun Facts


Funny, interesting and useless facts (Jake Ireland).

Last update: 2016-12-01

Did you know that crisps were made by accident when someone was being rude in a potato shop so the shopkeeper cut the potatoes into very thin slices and cooked them in boiling oil. He gave it to the person, therefore creating the very first crisps.

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Did you know that it is more likely that you will die on the way to get a lottery ticket, than actually winning it?

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Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell, they are capable of differentiating smells in concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than humans can.

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The average person's left hand does 56% of the typing when using the proper position of the hands on the keyboard!

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Did you know that it is more likely for a vending machine to fall on you, than it is to get attacked by a shark?

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A group of cats is called a clowder, a male cat is called a tom, a female cat is called a molly or queen while young cats are called kittens.

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