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Read here the diaries of our most famous students: 

The Heroic Hobbit (Harvo Baggins) and The Wimpy Wizard (Hezzie Grainger).      

Last update: 2016-12-01

Heroic Hobbit

First day of new school term...



On my first day at North Shire Primary School I got up and saw the sight of the opened door, so I seized the opportunity to leave and went to school.

At school I saw Tammy Whamgee, Meriaflock Flandbuck, Teregin Truck, all are complete fools. The teacher, Mrs Autumn said that I – Harvo Braggins, need to brush up on my times tables! She put me on the spot and asked me what three squared was…er…what?

“I got it!” I said “triangles!” all of the class laughed their heads off… oops!

So after my first day I’m trying to do sommat like MATHS? But I’m trying to do look like a boffin like the rest of ‘em but you can easily tell the difference. I gotta’ lot of friends though!”


By Harvo Braggins


SECOND week here! Tammy Whamgee’s Mum picked me up today on her horse and cart. How exciting! When we did literacy today and she said that I need to use hy-phones er... hy what? At one of our breaks there was this ball with spots on that people kicked around... That’s not very nice! That ball has FEELINGS!

Anyway lunch was grotty with manky little green balls and this clump of white sludge and this grey slab of tough rock and! A brown slump that looked like dirt for “pudding,”

At the end of the week it was awesome; it was Teregin’s birthday and we got these manky old sprouts on sticks ... apparently they were called “lollypops.” Even the Mrs Autumn got a “popylolly.” - That’s probably the only thing she actually approves of in the universe. It probably doesn’t do her brown teeth any justice though.

By Harvo Braggins 


This week we are learning about the big CHR****** (the forbidden word). We have been learning about CHR****** in ADV*** and Tammy said he would get £10000! I laughed my head off… as if… right? Recently I’ve planned my weekly schedule. It is as follows:

Monday: boring Bilbo, toilet blocked, school lunch (as soggy as ever), Sour Ron rising… ha joke.

To be honest with you I can’t be bothered to do my other days because that’s about as exciting as it gets. But today Bland Alf came as bland as ever with his bland fireworks, bland twig, bland hat and a bland mule he rides on. Seriously though, when will he ever actually take someone on an adventure?

But today Meriaflock came and we played tig whilst eating Haribo rings.

“Ha!” I said “I’m Sour Ron!”

 So that was so exciting. Thank goodness week three has gone now Bilbo is calling me ‘his precious’. What a weirdo!

By Harvo Braggins

Wimpy Wizard


First day of new school term.


In a certain town called North Hogsmeade lived a brave {lie}, valiant {lie}, may I add gorgeous {maybe} KITTY GRANGER. And that KITTY GRANGER is me. I could go through a whole dictionary on all the words of awesome and I would say YES to all of them {THE BIGGEST LIE ON EARTH]. Enough about me though let me fill you in on what has happened.

I woke up this morning.

My stomach wasn’t being very nice.

Neither was any other part of my useless body.

My consciousness kept going nag nag nag nag nag.


I managed to gulp down my beetabix. I felt sick all over. That wasn’t good. I didn’t want to stand up in front of my whole new class and be sick all down myself.

I trudged my way down our vine-y garden-ish path. The truth is it’s not so much of a garden; more like a jungle really. As I arrived at my new ‘school’ I could see all of these muggles walking about; screaming. Suddenly, a loud bell went and made me jump. I mean, who makes a bell soooooooo loud that it scares a proud {LIE! how many times do I have to lie at the moment it’s really getting me down} wizard/witch out of their skin.

Our first ‘lesson’ was ‘spelling’. Useless. I wanted to be learning about dangerous magic beasts but I suppose I will have to get used to these silly muggle ways. When we had finished ‘spelling’ which was actually kind of interesting, that loud B.E.L.L went and scared me. Again. I mean come on! That apparently meant ‘break’. Outside there were all these muggles kicking a round circular object that looked like a spotty dog but instead of spots it was patch-y. Poor thing. Then I saw these ‘wildlife warriors’ walking past to go and fill up ‘bird feeders’. They did not look like wildlife, nor warriors. Just like normal muggles. Oh well.

 By Kitty Granger


I was ill this week.



Sorry I could not write before I was ill! So sad.L

Before I was ill we played a ‘hockey tournament’ (by we I mean me and some muggles; Newis, Luby, Tibby, Ebi, Lolly, Harvo, Yliver, Piall, Lace, Mrs Season and I.) Mrs Season didn’t play, only coached; but in between matches we had little matches but nobody knew what team they were on! It was give and take in the little matches - one minute you were defending then scoring goals the next!J Although we tried our best and everything and everyone says that enjoying ourselves was the main part – WE LOST!

A few Fridays ago, we celebrated Children in Need. Being a School Councillor me and Harvo Baggins judged everyone’s costume as everyone had to be dressed in spots. We had: Newis, Len, Carchie, Picole, Wannah and Egan.

Everyone was really excited(hopefully) that they won.