The staff at our school are:
Headteacher   Mr Richard Winks  
Assistant Headteacher   Miss Sally Cawood  
Class Teacher

Miss Jessica McDonald

Class 1


Class Teacher Miss Sally Cawood

Class 2

Year 1 & 2

Class Teacher Miss Laura Stipetic

Class 3

Year 3 & 4

Class Teacher

Mrs Judith Winter

Mr Richard Winks

Class 4

Year 5 & 6

Support Staff      
School Business Manager Mrs Nancy Smart  
Administrative Assistant Mrs Pearl Curtis  
Nursery Nurse Mrs Jane Scruton  
Teaching Assistant (SENCO) Mrs Janet Whitelam  
Teaching Assistant Miss Jessica Blakey  
Teaching Assistant/Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Sharon Goodens  
Teaching Assistant Miss Andrea Gibson
Teaching Assistant Mrs Gill Revell
Caretaker Miss Dawn   
Cleaner Mrs Christine Barr  
Cook Mrs Sharon Page  
Kitchen Assistants

Miss Samantha Vickers

Miss Clare Boynton

Midday Supervisor Mrs Andrea Gibson  
Midday Supervisor Mrs Sharon Goodens  
Midday Supervisor Mrs Gill Revell  
The Den (AM) Supervisor Mrs Sharon Goodens
The Den (AM) Playworker Mrs Jan Whitelam
The Den (PM) Supervisor Miss Jess Blakey
The Den (PM) Playworker Miss Clare Boynton
Child Protection Co-ordinator   Mr Richard Winks  
Deputy Child Protection Co-ordinator   Miss Sally Cawood