We follow the recommended science programme of study from the Department of Education.

Click here for a link to the full programme.


Listed below are our favourite Science websites:  


BBC Science Clips 

Activities and revision exercises covering
- Ourselves - health and growth
- Materials
- Light and dark
- Forces
- Sound and hearing
- Electricity


BBC Science - Bitesize 

Activities and revision exercises covering
- Physical Processes
- Materials
- Living Things 


Arty Astro Astronomy Site 

This is a fantastic Shockwave adventure through space. It enables children to get 'hands-on' with the planets in our solar system.


The Atoms Family 

Ghoulish characters introduce some basic principles of physics and chemistry. Topics include kinetic and potential energy, atoms and matter, light and electricity. Fun and informative. 


Leicester University Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy 

A good introduction to space, the universe and the solar system. 



NESTA is the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts. 


NASA: for Kids 

Fun site on space for children with interactive games and activities.


NASA: Mars Exploration: Just for Kids 

Plan an expedition to the planet Mars. Explore gravity – how much would you weigh on another planet? Make spacecraft models, look through NASA’s solar telescope and find out what robots do to further scientific discovery. 


Planetary Photo Journal 

Excellent guide to the Solar System. Photographs and facts about the planets in the Solar System.



Electricity and magnetism information -the electric motors section is of particular interest.


Space is the Place 

Is there life on Mars? Children can read about the possibilities and lead a virtual expedition to the planet's surface. Fun and educational. Links to other space websites


3rd grade Science Quizzes 

Parents who have children may want to guide their children through the quizzes on this American site. They test knowledge of solids, liquids and gases, as well as well as shapes and volumes.


Living Things 


The Eden Project 

A very interesting look at the processes of life as explored in this fascinating project.


Environment Agency 

A fun way for children to explore the subject of recycling, the environment in which we live and our planet.


Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy 

An exciting science resource for primary topics relating to minibeasts, and biology projects.


Born Free 

Find out about the animal welfare and conservation charity, Great for pupils studying endangered species.


Dinosaur Gallery 

There's information and evidence about each dinosaur plus help with pronouncing their names.


UK Spiders 

Children will find all they want to know about spiders


Kids Health 

KidsHealth is the number 1 most-visited website for children's health and development.


What are the Parts of Plants? 

A simple self-checking quiz for science students with a knowledge of basic plant structure. Sort out your seed from your stem.