Year 6 SATs


The year 6 children work hard throughout the year to get ready for the SATs tests in May. Information on this page should help you to prepare for the tests.


The children are assessed in the following way:

Maths - SATs test - 3 papers: 1 arithmetic and  papers on reasoning

Reading - SATs test - 1 reading comprehension paper

EGPS - SATs test - 2 papers: 1 paper on grammar & punctuation and 1 spelling paper

Writing - teacher assessed

Science - teacher assessed


In class, we will use the test papers from 2012 to the present day, including the sample materials.


Key dates for the tests, in 2017, are:

All children to sit these papers - there is no longer an additional paper for level 6

Monday 8th May - Reading

Tuesday 9th May - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 

Wednesday 10th May - Maths paper 1 and 2

Thursday 11th May - Maths paper 3


 Parents evening

Here is the presentation used at the year 6 information evening for parents:

SATs PowerPoint for parents

SATs PDF for parents



There are a number of resources available on the internet to help you revise for the SATs tests in May. A few examples are listed below.


Past papers 

Literacy and Maths past papers can be downloaded from a number of sites. Please use papers from before 2012 to practice as we use the papers from 2012- 2016 in class.

One example site is listed below:


Reading comprehension

This site has some interesting on-line reading comprehension exercises 


Reading Comprehension


GPS activities

This site has a number of fun, on-line activities to help with Punctuation and Grammar.


Woodlands Junior school EGPS resources


SATs practice questions - Maths

Revision aids

There are a number of powerpoint files on this site which explain some of the topics we study in maths.

  Maths Revision Topics


Here are a number of SATs questions grouped by topic area to help you prepare for the SATs test. Some questions appear in more than one file as they appear in several topics. 

(Some of the files have a lot of pages so they may take a while to load. Print out a few pages at a time or download to a handheld device)


Calculations.doc  (29 pages)
Decimals.doc  (14 pages)
Four_rules.doc  (69 pages)
Inverse_Operations.doc  (13 pages)
Mappings.doc  (1 page)
Money.doc  (58 pages)
Negative_Numbers.doc  (8 pages)
Number.doc (240 pages)
Number_Operations.doc  (15 pages)
Number_Patterns.doc  (19 pages)
Number_Properties.doc  (13 pages)
Number_Relationships.doc  (87 pages)
Percentages__Fractions.doc  (29 pages)
Place_Value.doc  (12 pages)
Ratio.doc  (13 pages)
Rounding.doc  (4 pages)


AreaLengthVolume.doc   (36 pages)
Capacity.doc  ( 7 pages)
Co-ordinates.doc  (11 pages)
Conversion.doc  (7 pages)
Distances.doc  (4 pages)
Estimation.doc  (7 pages)
Measures.doc  (92 pages)
MeasuringScales.doc  (16 pages)
Nets.doc  (7 pages)
Perimeters.doc  (11 pages)
Polygons.doc  (51 pages)
PositionMovement.doc  (3 pages)
Properties_of_shapes.doc  (9 pages)
Quadrilaterals.doc  (13 pages)
Reflection.doc  (15 pages)
Rotation.doc  (9 pages)
ShapeSpace.doc  (96 pages)
Symmetry.doc  (12 pages)
Timecalendar.doc  (23 pages)
Transformations.doc  (26 pages)
Translation.doc  (2 pages)

Data Handling


 (4 pages)

Charts__Graphs.doc  (74 pages)
Data_Handling.doc  (105 pages)
Interpret_Information.doc  (62 pages)
Probability.doc  (19 pages)

Using & Applying

Algebra.doc  (3 pages)
Solving_Problems.doc  (104 pages)
Using__Applying_Maths.doc  (48 pages)
Word_Problems.doc  (54 pages)