Half term holidays

Please let everyone know what exciting things you did in the holidays.


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Lottie(about a month ago)

I got a puppy the Sunday after ford castle.

Ashton Morrison(about a month ago)

EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT (Copywrited from Ruby Timmins) I went fishing as well.

Niall(about a month ago)

In the holidays, I went to Scunthorpe and went on some high ropes with some of my cousins. I also went to hull and went shopping :(

Oliver(about a month ago)

I had a great holiday mostly because I went to lego land ,but the best part was when I went to Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Lauren(about a month ago)

In the holidays I went to light water valley and went on all the rides (apart from the baby rides) I even went on the ultimate which is the biggest rollercoaster in Yorkshire

Madeleine(about a month ago)

I enjoyed the holidays because I went to a horse show and got a lot of rosets.

Madeleine(about a month ago)

I enjoyed the half term because I went to lots of horse shows and I got lots of rosets.

Adam Thomas Carter(about a month ago)

I enjoyed Ford Castle because the activities were interesting and fun. Also I enjoyed playing football the sandwiches,crips and biscuits were okay. The lunches were decent but the burgers were to small

Ruby(about a month ago)

Slept.ate.slept.ate.slept a bit more

Dylan(about a month ago)

I went camping for a week with my dad and my sister whilst my mum relaxed at home. I also went to my nanna's house and made profiteroles.

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