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Lewis(about a month ago)

Ford Castle was great, I was amazed at all the fantastic things that where there including ford castle .

Dylan(about a month ago)

I really enjoyed the zip wire because we got two goes.

Ben(about a month ago)

I think ford castle was really fun and the zip wire was my favourite activity with high all aboard and the food was really nice!

Keziah G-M(about a month ago)

I really enjoyed Ford Castle (partly because it was my birthday on the day we arrived there!) because the activities were fun and I especially loved making an egg protector (for an egg) and then one of the instructors dropped it from the top of the flag tower!

Jake Ireland(about a month ago)

I liked the postmans walk because it was high up and fun. I also liked sleeping because I was tired. I enjoyed the zip wire also.

Lottie(about a month ago)

I enjoyed everything.It was incredible.

Ashton Morrison(about a month ago)

"I liked all the activities especially the zip-wire, I also enjoyed the food I was always hungry. (Always).

Abigail(about a month ago)

I thought ford castle was good because I enjoyed all the diffrent activitys that we were doing.

Niall(about a month ago)

I enjoyedthe trip to Ford Castle. My favourite part was the zip wire and the postmans walk.

Grace mawe(about a month ago)

I love the post man's walk because you can have a go at a high rope. But wen we did high all a bored.

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