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Sophia(about a week ago)

13.11.17 Today at lunch we started a new system. It is a self-service system, where go up and get a tray. Your food is put onto the tray, including your pudding.

Grace(about a week ago)

On Thursday we did a class assembly about our learning. Today we had two minutes silence to remember the soldiers who died in the world wars..

Emily(about a week ago)

9.11.17 Today we performed a fantastic class assembly which told the audience all about what we have been learning about in class. My part was to tell the audience about up loading the website and telling them how cool it is to be a digital leader.Some of the other parts were: .The finding of Tutankhamun .Scratch/iPod/computing .Adam and Eves adventures in Egypt, which is a book we made as a class .we talked about the flower beds .Maths dictionary .Pandora If you came, we hope you enjoyed it. As a class we wrote our own lines and enjoyed putting it together.

Emily(less than a month ago)

26.10.17 After playtime, in maths we had a mental maths test and I got 20 out of 20. Afterwards we had lunch, then we handed out the house point prizes then we went into assembly and we had another of our stories told by our favourite story teller.

Emily(less than a month ago)

25.10.17 This morning the year 5's did some hand writing and wrote the Lord's Prayer. Afterwards, we went into the ICT suite and wrote up our news reports on publisher, about when Howard Carter found Tutankhamun's tomb. Then after playtime we had maths with Mrs Winter for a change and we were finishing off our Maths dictionary. I wrote about 2 dimensional shapes; we had lots of fun.

Emily(less than a month ago)

24.10.17 Today in English we were doing our spellings and practising grammar. We also did a mind map about the root word spect and we had to find as many suffixes and prefixes as we could find. Then after play time, we had maths and we were doing problem solving. We had the numbers from 1-9 and we had to put them in a square. We had to make the numbers and add them together to make 200. Then we had lunch.

Emily(about a month ago)

20.10.17 This morning we had guided reading and we read our guided reading book (my book is called in the dark). Once we had read our books we did some reading comprehension.

Christian(about a month ago)

Today at lunch we had ice cream for pudding and fish fingers with chips,peas and a sweet coin.

HarrietSa(about a month ago)

I love coming to school everyday. My favourite lesson is maths, because Mr Winks always plans fun things.

Emily(about a month ago)

19.10.17 This morning in English we were writing news reports about how Tutankhamun's tomb was found (Howard Carter found his tomb). After playtime, we had maths - the year fives were doing square numbers and prime numbers.

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