Class 4 - Year 5 and Year 6

Our class has children from year 5 and year 6. Our teachers are Mrs Winter and Mr Winks.


  Class 4 of 2017

Ford Castle residential

 Our residential was to Ford Castle in Northumberland.
We had great fun staying in a wonderful medieval castle in such beautiful surroundings.
Our activities included archery, fencing, walking, canoeing, crate stack and team problem solving



The Year 5 children took part in Cycling Proficiency training.
This takes place both in the school playground and on the road.


South Hunsley

We work closely with South Hunsley Secondary School (SHS).

There area number of transition events throughout the year for the Year 5 and 6 children.

English teachers come to North Cave School to deliver lessons

Maths teachers come to North Cave School to deliver lessons

Our children:

visit SHS for a technology lesson (breadmaking)

visit SHS for sports lessons and to compete in local tournaments

visit for a sports afternoon, along with the other schools in the cluster 

visit for an induction day, along with the other schools in the cluster


As part of a technology project, the year 6 children made bread and then brought it back to school to share.


Working together

We all worked together to produce a Big Book about an adventure in Ancient Egypt.

Each group was given part of the story and a problem to solve.
We wrote our part of the story and then built the landscape using Lego. We then put it together to make our Big Book.

Recycled Art

We have been learning about the environment. 
As part of our topic, we made art out of materials that could be recycled.
This was fun homework and Mrs Winter said that she might do something like this again. 

Winter Olympics

Our assembly was about the Winter Olympics. We learnt about the athletes and the different events. 
We brought in some of our ski clothes and equipment.
We played curling, ice hockey and demonstrated the skeleton.
We also learnt that the Olympic values are very similar to the North Cave School values.



The year 6 and year 5 children are taught separately for most lessons, 
This allows the year 6 children time to concentrate on their SATs tests and transition to South Hunsley.

Here we are working together applying our skills to solve problems.


We enjoy writing about different subjects.This year we have written :

Science fiction stories 

News reports on Ancient Egypt

Recounts of our holidays

Poetry about family members

Reports about marine animals - after watching Blue Planet

Diaries about a character from our class novel

Stories of our own choice

class 4 writing


class 4 writing



We enjoyed learning about Shakespeare during National Shakespeare week.

We acted out scenes from Macbeth.