Class 2 -  Year 1 & Year 2

Our class has children from year 2 and year 3. Our Teacher is Miss Cawood.


Class 2 children working




We enjoy creating a wide range of art using different materials.

Still Life

Here we have been drawing still-life pictures of fruit.
This is linked to our topic of \World Kitchen.

Still life



We enjoyed developing our golfing skills by playing target games.
We enjoyed learning how to hold the club, how to hit the ball and aim at a target.



St Anne's School

  Our weekly visit from St Anne's School.

We enjoy learning with a small group  of children who visit from St Anne's School - they join us every Monday afternoon.
Here are some of our children, enjoying learning through play.

Learning through play



We are developing our balancing on our points and patches.



Christmas Cards and Calendars

We carefully painted the Dome of the Rock linked with our RE work on Islam.  
We studied the colours and tones to paint this beautiful building.  
Some children wanted to use their work for their calendar and look at it all the year round.

Christmas cards1    Christmas cards2   Christmas cards3


Christmas Fair 

  We worked together to decorate biscuits in the design of a Christmas pudding
and we decorated buns with a snowman on the top.  

We had lots of fun and they tasted tasty too!

Christmas pudding


Christmas pudding 2  Christmas pudding 3


World Kitchen Italy

  As part of our work on Italy we enjoyed cooking and tasting pasta. 
Some children even wanted seconds!  
We discussed the changes in the material linking with our science work on changing materials.

Pasta 1  Pasta 2


World Kitchen France

 The children learnt some French words and greetings.  
We enjoyed learning about famous landmarks and about traditional French food.  
The children tasted croissants, pain au chocolate and french baguettes.

French cooking