Class 1 - EYFS

 Our class has children from EYFS. Our teacher is Miss McDonald.


Class 1 



 Class 1 had 3 dinosaur eggs hatching in the classroom.
We enjoyed writing predictions of what they thought was in the egg
and watching the egg hatch.

dinosaur eggs



We worked together to build a den in the classroom 
which we were able to play in.

Den building

Treasure Hunt Phonics

  We enjoyed a treasure hunt looking for the different phonics sounds
we have been learning.

Phonics     Phonics

Hand washing

We had visitors from the NHS to talk to us
about washing our hands correctly

Hand washing


Nativity Play 

We enjoyed rehearsing our Nativity play Th King is Born

Nativity play



Santa's Workshop

The children were busy in Santa's workshop,

creating presents to deliver to the children, while they were asleep.

Santas workshop   


Tower Challenge

 We completed a challenge to build a tower as tall as possible,

using spaghetti and marshmallows.

Spaghetti tower  spaghetti tower with marshmallows


World Kitchen

 We have been learning where our food comes from.

We made these pictures of different foods.



We enjoy having PE in the hall.

Class 1 PE